Developing bespoke financial models for corporate structures and transactions, translating the commercial position into the post-tax reality.

A financial model usually lies at the core of many important strategic decisions and forecasts for businesses. Having a suitable model can help support your corporate decisions and stress test the business over an array variables. Building tax into these models is crucial as it provides a clear post-tax answer to model profit pools and returns for stakeholders.

How we can help:

  • Develop bespoke financial models that are designed to your unique specifications (or update existing financial models being used) to meet your needs, for the successful running of your corporate structures and operational requirements, translating the commercial position of the business into the post-tax reality.
  • Develop financial models that can be used to implement compliant and effective remuneration structures to incentivise staff and key individuals.
  • Assist with preparing a working financial model that can help apply your transfer pricing policy across your business and can be updated year on year for any changes to the business structure, movement of individuals etc.
  • Develop a financial model for partners remuneration to ensure compliance with HMRC’s salaried member rules and illustrate the distinction between fixed and variable remuneration for partners, for the financial year.