Performing a tailored diagnostic service for asset managers to help them understand their tax risk, how to manage it and where appropriate what action should be taken.

Given the depth and breadth of various complex tax legislation that can affect an asset manager in the UK, it is important for managers to understand the tax risks that surrounds their business and implement policies and procedures in place where required.

With a rapidly changing environment of the UK asset management industry and the abundance of new tax legislation (especially targeting asset managers), having a health check / risk assessment is extremely useful in ensuring both compliance and efficient operation as a business.

How we can help:

  • Perform either a detailed or high-level review, as desired, of existing policies and procedures (including tax returns, structure, fee flows, historic records etc.) in place and help managers understand the inherent tax risk in their business through our diagnostic review.
  • Upon completing our review, we can advise on how to manage any potential tax risks identified and where appropriate also advise on what action should be taken. The review can also help ensure the optimal utilisation of any tax reliefs and benefits (e.g. R&D reliefs) that the business may be eligible for.